Edward Gilman

The man who saves trees after hurricanes

The extraordinary work carried out in recent years by Edward Gilman and his team from Florida University is more important and relevant than ever, not just in the US but also Europe, where extreme meteorological events are becoming increasingly frequent.
Within the wider context of the vast range of his scientific and botanical research, the American professor has developed and put into practise a methodology for monitoring post-hurricane damage to trees and forests. This work has provided the basis for a programme of prevention, care and cure which is highly relevant to the situation in Italy and Europe.
In an interview given on the occasion of an international professional seminary on tree pruning held recently in Parma, Gilman stresses above all the importance of prevention: “A good pruning programme won’t eliminate damage in the case of an extreme climatic event, but it will limit it and may help save not only trees but human lives.”
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